Scala Dei Turchi, Sicily

Scala dei turchi Landscape sicily italy

Scala Dei Turchi, Agrigento, Sicily

Scala dei Turchi is a rock face overlooking the sea along the coast of Realmonte, near Porto Empedocle.
This magnificent natural monument is formed by marl, a sedimentary rock of limestone and clay, with a distinctive pure white color. In 2007 it was presented to UNESCO to be listed as World Heritage Sites. The name comes from its shape and pirates raids which took place there, by Arab populations generically called “Turks” who, according to legend moored their ships in the waters of the ladder which represented an excellent Landing.

Scala dei turchi White Canyon italy

How to get there : By car and bus : From Catania airport follow the signs to Agrigento and Porto Empedocle ( distance of about 7,5km ). From Porto Empedocle follow the directions for Lido Rossello ( journey of about 7Km map ). Once past Porto Empedocle on the road that runs along the sea you cross on the left the Lido Baia dei Turchi. Parking spaces are a short walk away, at a cost of 10 Euros per day. Coming down the stairs of the lido Baia dei Turchi (the access is not private) you can reach the free beach that will take you
straight to the staircase.

Scala dei turchi Sicily Italy

Observation point recommended : Panoramic view from the top.
To go down and be able to climb on foot you need rock-slip shoes, because this type of rock is very slippery, some places are so steep to climb or descend very carefull.

Scala dei turchi bay sicily italy

The coves near the Scala dei Turchi

To reach these magnificent coves which are located to the right of the “Scala dei Turchi” towards Capo Rossello, we recommend to arrive by car to Lido Rossello ( path of about 2 km ) to park in one of the streets that end up close to the beach and walk towards left the beach ( 10-15 minute drive). From here  the view is lovely and you can immerse yourself in thousands shades of blue of the sea verysimilar to Caribbean landscapes.

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