San Francisco: 10 things to see and do

10 things to see and do in San Francisco.

• View of the Golden Gate: The most famous and photographed bridge in the world rises to 227 meters high and its span is right at the entrance to San Francisco Bay. Famous forits unique red Golden Gate Bridge is really fantastic . Do you know why it is called “Golden Gate” even if it is red and not gold ? Legend has it that the mouth of San Francisco Bay, the narrow stretch of ocean which develops the bridge , was baptized Chrysopylae (which in greek means “golden door” ) as one of the first explorers of the area , John C. Fremont. On deck you can walk around or by bike, at any time of year there is a lot of people, the atmosphere is magical, especially at sunset.

golden gate sanfrancisco

Sea lions at Fisherman’s wharf and pier 39: You can come to this area for a relaxing walking, to eat something or to take a shopping tour. From these piers also ferries depart for example the island of Alcatraz or Sausalito. Among the Fisherman’s Wharf famous grounds there are also Sea Lions “beached”; on moorage of yacht at Pier 39: These funny animals spend their days from January to July, resting in the sun, making quite a fuss and now and then, quarreling to grab a place to sleep.

Pier 39 sfrancisco

• A morning at the Milk District, Castro: The Castro neighborhood is the epicenter of colorful and full of life San Francisco. With its glittering bars, small shops with bright colors and the historical theaters , Castro has a soul button and enthusiastic. And gay – friendly neighborhood for excellence, open to anyone who wants to dive  in the irrepressible  vitality that characterizes it. Do not miss the GLBT Historical Society Museum.

castro sanfrancisco

China town and the Italian district: The San Francisco’s Chinatown is the oldest among American Chinese quarters, it was built in the fifties and is characterized by the significant presence of palaces and monuments built to Chinese architecture. Its symbol is the gateway (“Dragon Gate”) located in Grant Avenue, also Chinese-style, consisting of three arches and two lions situated on the sidewalks. Dwell in one of the Chinese crafts shops where you will find particular objects. Leaving from Chinatown to Union Square on the other side you enter this beautiful Italian district…there are italian flags everywhere (even on lamp-posts designed), restaurants that in some cases beyond comparison with those in Italy (of course high prices) and lots of happy people around Columbus Avenue (the main street in Little Italy that comes from skyscrapers to Fisherman’s Warf) … recommend especially the restaurant Casaro for those who want to enjoy a good pizza.

chinatown sanfrancisco

The vinyls of Amoeba Music: Obligatory stop for music lovers, Amoeba is a huge Megastore vinyl, cd, dvd, in short, life is music and here you can buy at the bargain prices!

amoeba music sanfrancisco

Turn the city cable car’s: the most typical means of transport of the city , used by both tourists and locals , you can not do at least one lap ! You will be struck by how drivers bring this medium with skill … especially when braking!

cable car experience sanfrancisco

High street Storefronts ( Mixcoatl Arts and Crafts and love to death ) and the houses of Jimie Hendrix and Janis Joplin: A long walk that could last for hours if your passion are the antics shops . Vintage boutiques, shoe stores and very strange articles, there is something for all tastes . For lovers of handmade I suggest Mixcoatl and crafts, for those who prefer horror, fantasy and the world of the grotesque Loveto death it is a must. It is a very special shop where undoubtedly will be amazed.

unusual gifts sanfrancisco

Coit Tower: The trek to walk to this tower is a little hard, the lazy one can arrive by bus from the center , but the city view from up here is unmatched! In fact this tower located on top of Telegraph Hill in Pioneer Park in San Francisco, offers the possibility to enjoy sweeping city views , with the Golden Gate Bridge , the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Alcatraz, Pier 39, Angel Island, Treasure Island, the Bay Bridge, the Financial District, Lombard Street.

coit tower

 Switch from Jack Kerouac street: If you are in California probably you’ll be traveling “On the Road”one of the most beautiful adventures that can happen in life , so why not go to the famous road dedicated to the writer who made us dream ? At the mouth of the alley one finds a series of local and the Beat Generation worship like City Lights Bookstore Cafè Vesuvio ( a favorite among locals beat poets ) and Tosca Cafe ( where Kerouac was inspired to set the stories of the underground “by renaming the bar in “the Red Lantern”) . During this walk you will run out of phrases written by Kerouac engraved on the soil or on the walls and murals dedicated to him.

jack kerouac

Visit Lombard Street: It’ a very particular street that runs through the city of San Francisco. It’s famous for Russian Hill tract that consists of steep switchbacks. If you have time to walk it on foot , you will notice the rare beauty of the Victorian-style houses, all made from wood pastel and certainly take some nice pictures.

lombard street sanfrancisco



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