New York Fashion Week 2017: the news in the calendar

For all those  who are keen  on fashion, this is a  fixed event  not to be missed that takes place twice a year – the second in February – during which will be anticipated, this time, fashion trends and “must have” for the next spring / summer season 2018.

It starts, as usual, with the New York Week, on September 7, and then goes on to the beginning of October, with the other “Big Fours” in other major fashion cities: London, Milan and Paris.

The mouch anticipated event will alternate the most prestigious fashion houses and important stylists like Calvin Klein, Tom Ford and Mark Jacobs, just to name a few, but also numerous debuts.

With reference to the latter, it is confirmed the recent trend that sees more and more stars of show business be inclined to try in front and behind the scenes of the fascinating fashion’s world. This is the turn of Eva Longoria who, left the role of “desperate housewife”, has decided, for the moment, to wear the designer’s clothes, by the launch, just during next New York week, of a line of clothing designed by her, it is said thanks to the advices of her friend Victoria Beckham: will she have the same talent?

Photo by: NYFW

Among the debuts in the catwalk that look interesting, it is worth considering that of the Torrid Fashion, a label entirely “plus size”, whose presence within the New York Fashion Week is sign of a change process in the fashion’s world and it represents, at the same time, a further approach of high fashion to all categories of women, including those not in line with the usual canons that are normally seen parade.

 Next week’s calendar for the Big Apple, will have one less day of fashion shows, however. That because of the abandonment of some signatures that have decided to unveil their new collections during the big fashion weeks that will follow the New York week and, in particular, the Paris Week; other designers, like Tommy Hilfiger, have decided, instead, to leave the New York’s catwalk in favor of Los Angeles, where they will opt for the “see now-buy now”, a new marketing strategy increasingly widespread among the great American brands.

Photo by: NYFW

But the New York Fashion Week is not just fashion, it also becomes a political-social commitment and in particular, the occasion to reiterate the need of respect for fundamental rights, especially after what happened in Charlottsville. Following the recent episode of racist violence, many of the fashion designers, protagonists of the fashion show, have taken on the commitment to wearing a blue ribbon during the upcoming fashion shows, as a symbol of repudiation of every intolerance.

In short, the New York Fashion Week is more and more confirmed and developed as a multifaceted event, catching the attention of not only professionals and enthusiasts, perpetually hunting for the latest news in the sector, but also of the great part of “common” people, the target of which the latest fashion seems increasingly orientated.

Download the pdf of the calendar New York Fashion Week 2017

Wrote by: Graziella Romeo

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