Erfoud, Merzouga dunes: what to see in 6 points

Welcome to the last town in the south of Morocco before entering the desert , Erfoud is the starting point for hiking in the desert by jeep , quad or dromedary.

A very important place is the Merzouga’s dunes , where guides offer stops to watch the sunrise or sunset , both fascinating shows in particular in the Sahara desert.

On the way you will be faced with the Berber tents , the most important ethnic group in Southern Morocco, which will enchant you with its fascinating culture and valuable handicrafts.

If you have time, visit the market also, it’s an intricate maze of souks where you can buy spices and local products.


Desert morocco dune erfoud merzouga camel


Six Things to do absolutely during your first excursion in the  desert’s dunes.

• Tour of 4×4 and off-road or in the saddle of a camel , the first option is certainly the best for  lazy people, but if the height and the slow and undulating step of this bizarre animal does not scare you , you will appreciate certainly the experience.

• Make a stop to take a delicious mint tea to hydrate your body under the arid desert’s sun.

• Spend the night in a Berber tent tasting the typical cuisine of the “tajine” , and see  sunrise and sunset, which in the desert night sky will have a definitely more exciting impact.

• Macro Fossiles Kasbah : to visit for the incredible variety and magnitude of fossils. They are sourcing from a quarry to thirty kilometers and work these slabs , from which derive everything from ashtrays to the dining table , they are truly unique workmanship.

• Listen to the particular  and characteristic silence of this unique place , try to enjoy the moment in a way that you can remember the feeling of inner peace that the desert’s dunes inspires.

• If you want rolling around on the sand , throwing from a dune, it will be an unforgettable experience and not at all dangerous if you do it well covered by the sand.


Desert morocco erfoud merzouga camel dune

Desert morocco dune erfoud merzouga camel

Desert morocco dune erfoud camel merzouga

Desert dune erfoud merzouga camel morocco

Desert morocco dune erfoud merzouga camel

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