DENIM LEGGINGS: the new trend of 2016

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“Oooh, look, it’s reversed capris.” That’s what I exclaimed when I first saw Doneliya Deneva wearing her own creation. Doneliya is the founder of Jeansxy, the world’s first denim leggings.


I met Doneliya a few months ago, back in Los Angeles when I was visiting my cousin, who is an actor. We met at Pink Taco on Sunset Blvd. She was wearing her denim leggings, crossed legs on the side of the table, reading Vogue magazine, ignoring the tasty fish taco waiting in front of her. While I was secretly staring at her legs, dressed in jeans but only up to the knee, suddenly she stopped reading and smiled at me. Her smile was bigger than the sun. I nervously smiled back. Then she laughed. I followed. Her laugh was so contagious I couldn’t resist, although I felt silly laughing without knowing why.


Slowly she laid her magazine on the table, took a big bite of her taco and started walking towards my table. I can still remember her flashy style:  short silver leather boots, gray mini dress with a matching silver belt that looked like a snake around her waist. Upon her deep v-neck dress rested a heavy silver chain with a lock and a heart attached to it.


She sat on my table and introduced herself. After a short chat, I asked her what’s her story and she replied, “My story is simple. I was born to create. And that’s what I do.” Then she started laughing infectiously.


Here we go. I snapped into motion and started gathering details about her cool denim leggings. In a few minutes Doneliya masterfully pitched Jeansxy to me; I have never seen anyone so passionate about their work. She told me her jeans leggings are made of the finest denim fabrics used by luxury brands. Jensxy’s goal is to keep each pair of denim leggings slightly different from each other. That’s why Doneliya works with top quality wash out studios and specialists in the industry to grind the denim fabrics in unique ways and give each pair its own flavor.


Doneliya’s mission is to design premium quality denim products that combine convenience and style to help you transform your outfit and make you feel special. But Jeansxy is more than just a brand; Doneliya will give away at least 5 percent of her profits to fund educational and innovative projects around the world. Her goal is to transform the world through funding projects that matter.

I could sense she was about to say what’s really in her heart ,and a few seconds later she revealed the real reason why she founded her company: “Children are the future, my wish is to invest in them and Grow To Life,” which is Jeansxy’s slogan.

I’m tempted to try Doneliya’s denim leggings myself, although they won’t quite fit my legs.  But don’t be fooled, soon enough there will be guys walking around in camo denim leggings.  She even envisions leggings in pink and bright colors for her gay friends in the Castro district in San Francisco, who can’t wait to slip on a pair.

At first, it seemed awkward seeing only the lower part of her jeans, thinking ,“Where did the rest of your jeans go?” But after a few moments, Jeansxy mantra “No fear. No limit” gets you under its spell. Think upside down, or reversed capris.


After a while I found out, Doneliya doesn’t do one kind of thing. She re-creates the world around her every day. Most recently she has been busy working on her reality TV show, Sexy Kitchen, with Little Studio Films in Los Angeles. Sexy Kitchen, now traveling to James Bond and Phi-Phi islands in Thailand, offers couples’ cooking classes designed to bring fun and romance into your life.


Before she left her business card on my table, she whispered in her mysterious voice, “Expect the unexpected.” She told me that she is designing denim sleeves and gloves, while her denim leggings will be coming in more carefully selected designs and colors, like black and dark blue. And I was thinking to myself, “How does she come up with these ideas?” Her goal is to build a fashion-forward style in the denim world; a palpable sense of authenticity.


I simply can’t wait to see the next invention of this interesting girl with an outside the box fashion vision. Doneliya has opted for a denim breakthrough.  Stay tuned.


Meanwhile, the world’s first denim leggings are now 60 percent OFF on Indiegogo and featured in TimeOut magazine, the worldwide weekly guide to art, entertainment and fashion.


Be the first to get a pair of these sexy denim leggings and wear them as Doneliya wishes, “whenever you want & however you want.” It’s a great holiday surprise.



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