Chevy 210, 1956 used by China Vogue on sale on Fashion Connery

chevy 216 1956 vogue china

This beautiful two tone 1956 Chevy 210 (all original) was used in a photo shoot for the magazine China Vogue. It was also featured in the films Stealing Cars, starring John Leguizamo, and Vitelli’s, starring Michael Mazzeo.

Now you can buy this amazing car writing us here:

contact us using subject “CHEVY”.

The car it’s a Chevrolet Chevy 216 made in 1956, has 86,000 miles and is located in Brooklyn, New York.

The car is in great condition, is perfect for collectors, and owners can rent the car to be used in photo shoots, weddings and much more. It is also fun to take the car for a drive on a Sunday morning, but expect to be stopped by admirers wanting to take photos.

So if you are a lover of historic cars and 50’s culture, what are you waiting for?

Send us an email for more info or to set a date to view the car by writing us here:

contact us using subject “CHEVY”.


chevrolet chevy 216 1956 vogue china


chevrolet chevy 216 1956 vogue china on sale




chevrolet 1956 CHEVY 216




chevrolet 1956 CHEVY 216

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