5 tips to visit Monument Valley, Utah

Monument Valley , Utah

5 tips to visit Monument Valley:

Horse or Jeep ? : Meryl ‘s trip recommend the experience riding horses because it is more authentic and exciting and above all, more ecological . In this magnificent descent among the rocks and canyons by Jeep ( open without doors ) is likely to raise a lot more dust and this will make the trip less enjoyable.

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Wear comfortable clothing : hiking boots , hat and scarf to cover from red and fine sand of the canyons are advisable but in any case always keep on hand your camera because you are immersed in one of the most beautiful places in the world !

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Be respectful of Native Americans : Know that you are in a protected area ( Navajo Nation ) , this wonder of the earth is a sacred place for the natives , so you must be carefully, leave clean places and maintaining a respectful attitude towards those who he lives in.

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Buy local craft : The Navajo’ s craft is really beautiful , colorful and full of details, during the excursion you will be able to bring with you forever memories of this magnificent experience and help to sustain the natives crafters community .

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Have fun to see the funny animals of the place : This magnificent scenery of Monument Valley is also the home of many species of animals that you can admire , among them you may encounter a nice specimen of the desert squirrels , funny and cute . But please do not feed them because it is not allowed inside the park.

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