3 steps to wear your pajama in the street

This winter pajama is trendy but how to dress it?

First step is use a silk pajama, it should be elegant, not just confortable.

Second step: of course is cold outside so is very important to dress over our pajama a coat, maybe a long one that makes long our figure.

Third step: the shoes. Some people prefer sneakers, for example a simple white pair to have the maximum confort, other people prefers to mantain the elegant style using pumps and the effect is great!

In this article we selected for you some daytime pajama dressing styles to show you some ideas to wear it in a classy way. Enjoy!

 Tricky Trend Daytime Pajamas

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daytime pajamas tricky trend 2016 - Copia

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Tricky Trend Daytime Pajama

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Pajamas Tricky Trend Daytime

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new york street style pajama dressing
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daytime pajamas tricky trend
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